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Meet your Drumloop AI Assistant

⭐️ Join 42,800+ users generating original drum loops with artificial intelligence


Draw a beat pattern or input your beat text prompt.


Our AI will generate a drum loop for you.


Listen, adjust the beat and download it, if you like.

96,964 AI beats generated by 42,066 users

Here are a few sample beats created with our AI

Start making AI drums

Take our AI for a spin and see if you can create a drum loop sample that inspires you. Drop it in your DAW and turn it into a song!

Start making AI drums

Take our AI for a spin and see if you can create a drum loop sample that inspires you. Drop it in your DAW and turn it into a song!

For Artists

For Producers

For Jammers

For Content Creators

Jam with your AI Beat Assistant

What is Drumloop AI?

Drumloop AI, is your sidekick for making drum loops that groove! We’ve loaded it up with some smart AI technology that’s been trained on heaps of royalty freedrum beats.

What does that mean for you? Well, it’s like having a professional drummer right in your pocket, ready to whip up the perfect beat anytime you need it.

Our AI uses everything it’s learned to generate unique and original AI drum beats just for you.

It’s super easy to use, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just finding your rhythm. With our drum AI, you can creating exciting, and inspiring original beats in seconds – whether you are writing a track or just looking to jam out – just plugin ai drum generator and start vibin’!


What is Drumloop AI?
Drumloop AI is an innovative tool that assists you in creating captivating drum loops with the power of artificial intelligence. It harnesses smart AI technology trained on a vast collection of royalty-free drum beats, functioning as your personal drummer on demand.
How does Drumloop AI work?
Drumloop AI employs its extensive training to generate unique and original drum beats tailored to your needs. Simply input your beat text prompt, and the AI will craft a drum loop for you. You can then listen, adjust the tempo, and download the loop if it suits your preferences.
Who can benefit from Drumloop AI?

Drumloop AI is designed to benefit a wide range of users:

Artists: Enhance your compositions with custom drum loops.

Producers: Quickly generate drum beats for your tracks.

Jammers: Enjoy jam sessions with an AI-generated rhythm section.

Content Creators: Add dynamic background beats to your content.

How user-friendly is Drumloop AI?
Drumloop AI is incredibly user-friendly, catering to both experienced professionals and those new to rhythm creation. Its intuitive interface allows you to craft exciting and inspiring original beats in a matter of seconds.
Can I use Drumloop AI with my music production software?
Absolutely! Once you’ve created a drum loop with Drumloop AI, you can easily integrate it into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to build complete songs. The AI-generated drum loops are versatile and can be customized to fit your project.
Are the drum loops created by Drumloop AI royalty-free?
Yes, the drum loops generated by Drumloop AI are based on a training dataset of royalty-free drum beats. This means you can use the loops you create without worrying about copyright issues.
How do I get started with Drumloop AI?

Getting started is a breeze:

Input your beat text prompt.

Let the AI generate a drum loop for you.

Listen to the loop, adjust the tempo, and download it if you’re satisfied.

With over 12,935 beats created by more than 7,155 users, you’re sure to find the perfect rhythm to fuel your creative endeavors.

We offer 3 AI models. The first let’s you make beats by specifying your desired genre. The second AI model let’s you enter a text prompt and then creates and AI beat from your text input. The third model is an interactive beat sequencer that let’s you create infinite drum patterns with AI.

Ready to create drum loops that groove? Try Drumloop AI now and unlock a world of rhythmic possibilities!

Is DrumloopAI free?
You can try the AI beatmaker free of charge for your first few beats. After that you have to purchase credits to continue using the app.
How does the app generate drums?

We generate drum sounds using artificial intelligence in two intersting ways. The first is using the text-to-beat interface. Here, you enter a text prompt such as “modern techno beat” and our neural engine will interpret your input. Based on the large dataset of  drum training data it can understand genres and sounds and will synthesize a drum beat that is close to the text input you’ve provided. You can use emotive descriptions such as “slow and synchopated rock beat” to fine-tune your prompt and get even better outputs. Every loop that is generated is unique! 

The second method is by using the AI beatmaker which is a fully fledged sequencer. Here, the AI will generate infinite drum patterns to help you get into the flow. You can give it a “seed input” and the AI will try to autocomplete it. You can also alter the beat in the sequencer and adjust it to your linking. In this model, the pattern is unique, but the drum samples are loaded from our library. You can use various presets and drumkits that we’ve provided. Happy beatmaking!